OPENING RECEPTION:  Friday, September 5th, 7-11pm

Exhibition on View:  September 5th –October 3rd

The Altered Eye showcases an exciting and diverse group of established and emerging artists who are continually pushing the boundaries of their craft.  Impossibly beautiful, expressive and candid, meticulous, sensuous, innovative, narrative:  all in a blink of the altered eye.

Stephan Canthal became involved in the art of photography while studying architecture at the University of Southern California.  He later transferred to California State University, Long Beach to pursue a Fine Arts degree in photography. His artistic vision involves the creation not only of an image, but the careful construction of an entire piece of art with his innovative use of metal as a photographic medium.

Bryan Elliott is an incredibly versatile, self-taught photographer, accomplished musician and professional music producer. Taking photos with extremely slow shutter speeds, he lays-bare moments that would otherwise be ignored. Elliott lives his art, whether capturing the beautiful sounds of the London Symphony Orchestra or capturing the beauty in the nature that surrounds him.

Jaimee Itagaki is a Los Angeles-based photographer shooting fashion, music, advertising and fine art photography. Having grown up "inner city," her images express the ethnic spirituality--lost and found--from the daily stresses of modern urban life. Ongoing feelings of alienation and an awareness of a deeper meaning of existence are juxtaposed with the external. Her subjects are portrayed with a romantic reverence for the importance and belief in the human spirit.

Alex Storm received his diploma in Fine and Performing Arts, Technical Theatre; he has always been a photographer. Storm endeavors to communicate his philosophy of advancing self-awareness by invoking emotional contradictions.  Storm’s work is a collaboration of his soul’s expression and the subject’s translation of his articulated intension.

Carol Westwood, originally from New York, began her career by assisting working photographers.  Her hands-on learning of lighting and darkroom techniques eventually led to her own professional jobs.  Westwood traveled extensively around Europe documenting her surroundings, for a time, based in Oslo, Norway.  She eventually relocated to Los Angeles where she worked on numerous Hollywood motion picture and television productions. For this show we are fortunate to have a great and diverse grouping of Westwood’s work spanning decades, it is a true retrospective of her talents.

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The Altered Eye

A Photography Showcase Featuring

Stephan Canthal * Bryan Elliott * Jaimee Itagaki * Alex Storm * Carol Westwood